11 November 2017

This Friday at KPS ...

Kingswood Photographic Society is absolutely delighted to welcome Christine Widdall  MPAGB, EFIAP, FBPE for the first time, as their speaker on Friday 17th November who will be giving an illustrated talk entitled Portfolio.

In addition to the images we will see during her presentation, Christine will also bring several mounted prints for members to view during the evening.

Christine says: “I’m a photographer based in the North West of England in an area called Saddleworth, situated in the historic County of York, though administered from the Lancashire town of Oldham! Many of my photographs are made around the lovely area of Saddleworth, especially its hills and waterways.

Photography is as familiar as sleeping and eating.  In fact I seem to do much more photography related things than I do sleeping and eating these days!  I am never happier than when I’m pressing the shutter button, unless it’s being in front of the computer and editing images.

My aim is very simple and straightforward – to try to capture places, people and moments in time and make them as beautiful and interesting as possible.  I was brought up taking pictures and learned how to process them in the darkroom from the age of about 5 and the excitement has never diminished for me.  In common with so many others, I have ‘gone digital’ in recent years and now use a digital SLR for image capture.  My pictures have been primarily made for my own pleasure. Some are ‘competition’ pictures, others just an expression of my enjoyment of a day, an area or a subject.

I try to go beyond the objective recording of fact and to use self-expression to provide an interpretation of my subjects.  Many of my competition images are composite.  I love experimenting to see what I can achieve with blends of images from different times and different places.

Initially a hobby, photography has now become a major part of my life, as an exhibitor and judge and in 2011 I was accepted as one of 20 Lecturers in the UK who are supported by PermaJet."

For further information about Christine Widdall, pop onto the website, http://christinewiddall.co.uk/, from which you will see why this promises to be an absolutely superb evening so we hope to see you there.

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