21 October 2017

This Friday at KPS ...

On the 27th October Kingswood Photographic Society is holding its Annual Audio Visual Forum.  This is an ideal opportunity for our members to show sequences they have created over the year.  

If you have any AVs you’d like to share with other KPS members please remember to bring them with you.

For those who are new to the concept of Audio Visuals, it is a collection of images with a sound track, which can either be a piece of music, narration and/or other sound effects.  This is a creative way to tell a story or to present a sequence of photographs. There have been a few changes to what was acceptable within an AV and it is now permissible to incorporate technological trends.  For example, the inclusion of video clips is now permissible. 

To understand more about the KPS AV Forum evening, please refer to the section ‘AV FORUM’ in the KPS 2017 Programme on page 25.

If you have not yet embraced this way of showing your images, tonight will give you the chance to see several different interpretations of this medium, which brings together visual and sound components to complement a photographer’s project images or to tell a story.

Kingswood PS meets Fridays at 7.30pm at St Barnabas Church Hall, Warmley, Bristol BS30 5JJ.  The cost for visitors, who are always welcome, is £3.00.

John Long's tip of the week

Some great pictures of the Alps.

15 October 2017

This Friday at KPS ...

On 6th October, Kingswood Photographic Society has its final Studio Evening of the year.  We are especially grateful to one of our members, Mike Martin who will be directing the evening and has also organised our models, one a little bit unusual!

Mike says: “I have great pleasure in introducing Ellie Bee who will be coming from Newport by special request.  Hopefully she will be accompanied by one or more of her long thin friends, possibly Severeus the 8ft Boa or Willow the much more diminutive Corn snake.”

We will have seen some of Mike's shots  ... 

... and this is your chance to get some unique images of your own and possibly a chance to handle them yourself.  Don't be afraid, they are very well behaved.

Mike does ask more so than on previous nights, that people refrain from shooting with their own speedlights as too many flashes can unsettle the snakes.

During the evening, if you have any questions, please seek out Mike or another experienced studio worker.  KPS members are only too happy to share their knowledge and help us to improve our studio shooting skills.

Kingswood PS meet Fridays from 7.30pm to 9.30pm at St Barnabas Church Hall, Warmley, Bristol BS30 5JJ. Visitors are welcome to join us and the cost for non-members on a Studio Night is £5.00.