11 August 2018

This Friday at KPS ...

On the 17th August, Kingswood Photographic Society has another Print & DPI Critique Evening of the year.  This is a night when members can show and talk about their images, either requesting to receive constructive comments on them or simply sharing their photographs with others.  

These types of meetings are proving to be popular with a good number of us taking part.  Normally, there is time for each person to show between 10 to 15 images, leaving our Chairman to judge whether there is space for additional ones.

As members show their photographs, we hope that they will explain why they choose to press the shutter when they did and what they wanted to achieve when processing them.  We are especially hoping to see work from those who have not been entering competitions, as this is a good occasion for us all to see what type of pictures are taken by members for themselves.  It will also be fascinating to discover just how many were not taken on an SLR camera, as we know good quality images can also be made on simple compacts and with cameras on smart phones.

In order to ensure everyone has the opportunity to be included, it is helpful to have a note of members participating.  Our Chairman is making a list of those wanting to take show their images, so do make sure Steve is aware that you will be bringing photographs and if they are Prints or DPIs.

These evenings provide us all with the chance to learn what members like to take, how they get pleasure from their photography and how we can improve our photographic skills.  So, please come and enjoy what should be an educational and enthralling evening. 

Visitors are always welcome and this evening in particular gives an excellent opportunity to see members’ work and to hear the feedback offered. Kingswood PS meets Fridays at 7.30pm at St Barnabas Church Hall, Warmley, Bristol BS30 5JJ. The cost for this evening is £3.00. 

We hope to see you there.

4 August 2018

This Friday at KPS ...

On 10th August, Kingswood Photographic Society will be showing the Western Counties Photographic Federation (WCPF) 2018 Travelling Print Exhibition.

This Exhibition is made up of prints chosen from those high scoring ones selected for inclusion in the 2018 WCPF Members Exhibition but did not quite make it into the final selection for hanging at the exhibition venue.  The WCPF were able to display over 200 prints at the Bovey Tracey Golf Club venue.  The remaining selected prints, together with the medal winning prints, are circulated to many of the WCPF clubs so that these excellent, high scoring prints can be enjoyed and appreciated by their members.

The aim is to give photographic groups an opportunity to view and discuss the collection of quality prints, at a minimal cost.  There are a number of ways to view the prints but the objective is to look closely at each image and appreciate why the picture was taken and what the photographer was trying to show.

The WCPF Travelling Print Exhibition nights are always interesting and enjoyable so we hope to see you.

Visitors are very welcome and the cost for this evening is £3.00.  Kingswood PS meets Fridays from 7.30pm until 9.30pm at St Barnabas Church Hall, Warmley, Bristol BS30 5JJ.

28 July 2018

This Friday at KPS ...

Kingswood Photographic Society is absolutely delighted to welcome Peter Weaver APAGB, DPAGB, LRPS, as their speaker on Friday 3rd August, who will be giving a digital image presentation entitled My Digital View.

Peter says: “I have been taking photographs as a serious hobby for fifty years now and for many years took mainly slides, finally going totally digital in 2011.

This talk is a selection of some of my favourite photos over the last ten years and covers a whole range of subjects. I believe in getting it right in the camera as very little post-production is used.”

This promises to be a great evening so we hope to see you there.

Kingswood PS meet  on Fridays from 7.30pm to around 9.30pm at St Barnabas Church Hall, Warmley, Bristol BS30 5JJ.  Visitors are most welcome and the cost for this evening is £3.00.